Photography Meetup: Get To Know Your Camera

Join Remy, a local commercial photographer on a snap and chat photography crash course. Get a new perspective on creative and learn a few things about your personal camera platform.

Remy gained his photography experience while working in Detroit's advertising world, and is now an in-house photographer for a local jewelry retailer. His work extends from commercial product photography to fashion editorial. To see some of his work follow him on Instagram @remy_me or visit

Things you'll need for camp:

  • Yourself 
  • A phone or camera
  • A tripod if you're down to nerd out

Instagram hashtag for shots to be published to #snapsnchat

The group meets on the Woodward side of the Detroit Library.

  • Introductions
  • Useful photo apps
  • A philosophical look at photography from a commercial photographers perspective (5 minutes)

Chapter 1: Light (15 minutes, walk around the DIA)

  • Low key vs high key photography
  • How light interacts with the world
  • Creative use of light (reflections, shadows, & modifiers)

Chapter 2: Composition (20 minutes, walk from DIA to McGregor Center)

  • Rule of thirds and building interest 
  • Lensing / Zoom
  • Get weird with composition (lines, contrast and story telling)

Chapter 3: Depth (15 minutes, around McGregor)

  • The power of BOKEH 
  • Discuss aperture and its creative importance.
  • What sets apart DSLRs from other camera platforms (glass, sensor and post)

Chapter 4: Finding new perspectives (15 minutes on top of WSU parking structure 2 or 5)

  • Discuss perspective's play in creativity 
  • What do you miss when you don't explore
  • Taking a photo of the Detroit skyline (apply skills picked up the day of, creative edits)

Return to Detroit Library (Cass side) and open discussion on gear or technique.

When & Where
Sat, Jun 9, 2018 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Main | Detroit Public Library
5201 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48202
Currently Registered