Pop-Up Talk: Mirko Ilic

Break your routine and have coffee with us on Monday to start your week fresh with Mirko Ilic. Go into work invigorated and informed to make a difference. Mirko will be sharing two presentations in One; Symbols of Hate + Design of Dissent.

Traveling throughout Europe and the U.S., Mirko has noticed a rise in hateful symbols and icons with the general public being unaware of their meaning. Seeking to raise awareness about these symbols, he's began to collect and lecture about them. Mirlo's talk will transition to Design of Dissent to share how designers can combat the hate with good. Creating and designing graphic works of protest against social and political problems including war, racism, poverty, the environment, corporate greed.

Mirko Ilić was born in Bosnia and illustrated and art directed posters, record covers and comics in Europe before moving to the U.S. in 1986. He has served as art director for the international edition of Time and The New York Times Op-Ed pages. In 1995, he established Mirko Ilić Corp., a graphic design and 3-D computer graphics and motion picture title studio. He is faculty member at the School of Visual Arts and is coauthor of the book Genius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design and is currently coauthoring Handlettering in the Digital Age, both with Steven Heller.

When & Where
Mon, Apr 8, 2019 8:15 AM - 9:30 AM EDT
A. Alfred Taubman Center For Design Education
485 West Milwaukee Avenue
Room 818
Detroit, MI 48202