Omar Dismuke II

Omar Dismuke II is a veteran designer and Detroit bred entrepreneur.

As early as 4 years old, Omar has always been passionately creative. His natural artistic abilities and hunger for knowledge led him to an early career in architecture; graduating from Tuskegee University. His pursuit of creative fulfillment and purpose led him to a journey of entrepreneurship and “self discovery”.

For over a decade, Omar has been responsible for developing creative solutions for multiple 7-8 brands, tech startups and business owners. His mission is to connect people to possibility. Omar’s forward thinking mind and genuine love for people, allows him to help others see beyond boundaries; ultimately giving businesses and brands the competitive edge and innovation it deserves.

Today, Omar serves as the executive creative director of The PMG Agency, a social impact creative agency in Detroit, Michigan. He is also the head designer and co-owner of The Aware Brand, a conscious apparel company aiming to inspire, educate and enlighten its consumers.