Storytellers! We need you!

Have you ever…

Slyly rescheduled a deadline to buy more time on a project?

Pulled a prank on a coworker or client?

Called in sick for a greater good?

Gotten a client drunk beyond repair?

Gotten drunk yourself beyond repair and tried to hide it?

If so, we want you for the 2014 AIGA Storytelling event: Workplace Confessions. AIGA Detroit wants to know the story you planned to take to your grave. We want the one that causes you reoccurring nightmares or bouts of random laughter at the most inopportune time. These are the stories we have all lived and know. These are the inside jokes relegated and relived over drinks during happy hour.

Relax, it was years ago. In the end, the client was satisfied and/or nobody was mortally wounded during the prank. No harm, no foul. Since, you’ve “moved to another company” and names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Tell us your dirty secret.  Don’t worry you’ll get into the event for free and there is something in it for you if you win.

To register, send us your name, job title, email address and phone number to

Deadline to register: March 25th

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By aigadetroit
Published March 7, 2014
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